Software Developer Engineer in Test course
Get hired as a new tech professional with us
April 5th, 2022
6 months program
No experience needed
Want to get a high paid job in big tech company but don't have IT background?
Our SDET course is a perfect solution!
Become an SDET professional in 6 months with current industry standards. No previous IT background required. We will train you everything from scratch and help you to get a job. Most of our students are already hired by big US companies.
About SDET profession
SDET is quite popular currently for a variety of reasons. Companies are paying more attention to their applications as part of the digital revolution. Thousands of businesses generate revenue from their websites. Those websites must be fully checked before being released to the public. Because client pleasure is so important to online platforms since they make money off of it, they must complete this process faster and with higher quality. SDET is the job that does Automation Testing for Quality Control.
SDET profession is in high demand
SDET is quite popular currently in tech, finance, entertainment, med, education, sports
Average annual salary

High employement rate among our students
Good pay rate for new specialists
SDET course
Our SDET Course Bootcamp is more of job oriented training which is designed as per current industry standards. You can start IT industry with basic and advance skills. This course will be trained by top industry experts who have passion to train students and help them get job in IT industry or excel in IT industry.
Being a pro
Our mission is to build your career and we are focused on bringing our best skills to you in order to make you a best professional in tech industry.
6 months course for anyone who wants to start a career in IT
We are flexible and offer two different options:
1) $1000/month
2) $500/month and rest while hiring
No previous coding experience needed

For whom this course is for?

New to USA job market

New commers to USA who want to get a job contract with good salary and conditions

Career Improvers

Computer Science students and graduates who want to improve career perspectives

Good Support

For those who want to skill up or transfor they career in Apps development and get hired soon

Hurry up!
Get up to $1000 discount and other exclusive offers

What will you learn?

SDET is a practice based course where you build portfolio and gain soft skills with possible following internship

Programming in Java
Java is the most popular and demanded language in IT industry. You will learn core JAVA and understand software testing from basics to advance level.
DevOps practice
You will be able to work with DevOps environment.
Testing software
You will understand on how to test from the scratch just like a PRO
In-depth knowledge
This course is also designed for automating projects from scratch with in-depth knowledge in Java & Selenium tool.
You will also understand how agile works.
You will understand the complete life cycle of software testing on manual, User Interface, Database, API and automation.
Design and developer practice
You will be able to work on design and development activities.
Assignments and Mock interviews
Your performance will increase by activities like Assignments and Mock Interviews
Bug reports
You will create & manage bug reports and communicate with the team members.
Our alumni work at
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Learn from the best
Halit Kocaaga
SDET course instructor
Yusuf Esen
Mentor of SDET course
“2 years ago I couldn’t imagine that from delivery guy I will be working in one of the biggest banks of America."
— Behruz Jumaev (SDET course graduate 2021)
Hurry up!
Get up to $1000 discount and other exclusive offers
Our tuition
For SDET 6 months course we offer:
Full payment
Start first month and pay at the end of each month
Free first month refund

Individual discounts (possible)
Enroll now
How courses are going
Lectures 5 times a week:
Theory is presented in online interaction in a variety of formats: video, text, presentations, tables for study.
Everything in practice:
You do not memorize information, but immediately apply it: homeworks, projects and group tasks
Feedback from mentors:
You do not get the subjective opinions. Mentors and classmates help you daily to improve your skills
Portfolio and CV for application:
We offer intership so your application will be with portfolio and proper CV
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