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Why Should I Learn Java?

In our first article on Java, one of the most popular programming languages ​​for software development, we will tell you why you should learn Java. In our next article on Java we will answer the question “Where should I start with Java?” So let’s get started…

 Learning and mastering Java will open new doors for you as a developer, no matter your goal or skill level. Today, we will share with you some reasons why you should start learning Java and then provide an in-depth roadmap on how to get started …

 The main topics of this article are: Why should I learn Java?, How to start learning Java?, variables in Java, and more …

 Is Java Difficult to Learn?

 1- Simple: Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented, high performance, interpreted, secure and multi-threaded language. What does all this mean? Java simplifies the process required to make a network connection. Security models protect against viruses. Most of the tedious processes run automatically, saving you time. Java is statically written, so it’s easier to find bugs in your code.

 2- Common: Java is one of the most widely used programming languages ​​in the world. It has the second largest online community on Stack Overflow. This means there is a very large and mature support community for Java programmers and students. If you get stuck or run into problems, you can be sure that someone has already answered your questions online.

 3- Functional: Java is famous for its “write once, run anywhere” capabilities. This means that code compiled in Java can run on any platform without needing to recompile it. This is why Java is used in all kinds of environments.

 Oracle estimates that Java is used on more than 3 billion devices worldwide, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles and Android phones. Java is even used by the financial services industry and by NASA.

 4- Career Benefits: Since Java helps us solve real-world problems, there are many job opportunities for Java programmers. It is a language demanded by companies of all sizes and fields. Java remains one of the most sought-after programming languages ​​by employers, both within and outside the high-tech industry.

 5- Skill Enhancer: Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language and its syntax is derived from C. These concepts are also common in many other programming languages, so as you learn and master Java, you are getting ready to deal with other languages ​​in the future.

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