Techno Study

About Us
TechnoStudy is an online IT school helping anyone to learn tech skills and launch a career to earn up to $100,000 a year! We offer several IT courses under our 6 months practice Bootcamps with mentorship followed by job hiring.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Techno Study is driven by a mission to empower youth to upscale their skillset and build a thriving IT career. We believe IT education is the way forward to uplift yourself and stand out in the competitive, tech-driven future. Launch a skyrocketing career in IT with a wide array of results-driven courses we provide in the US and Turkey.

We offer a broad spectrum of tech courses, each one of them ensuring a practical understanding of the relevant field. An internship and a sustainable job is evident for all our students upon the end of Techno Study’s intensive Bootcamp. Our extensive online courses include.

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Find us on social platforms. All our courses are accessible from our website but for further information on what we offer, check out our LinkedIn profile. Our success stories and info sessions based on our instructors’ tech acumen are all available on Techno Study’s YouTube channel. For other valuable IT insights, check out our Instagram and Facebook handles.