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Software Development Engineer in Test

6-month-long intensive online bootcamp

Become an SDET specialist in 6 months with no IT background. Techno Study has got you covered!

  • Software Development Engineer in Test
    Who can join the course?
    We welcome everyone willing to learn software testing, especially graduates and residents who recently moved to the US and want to launch an IT job.
    Why study this program?
    Learn Java programming, testing tools, and soft skills only in 6 months in our SDET training. With our career support, acquire a new profession.
  • sdet bootcamp
    What awaits graduates?
    An In-demand, high-paying remote job with a salary of more than $100,000 a year awaits you after the completion of SDET online course.

SDET Certification Online,
No Coding Experience Needed

Want to boost your earnings to over $100k per year?
Our SDET course will ensure you in-demand high-paying jobs, both remotely and on-site in top-notch IT companies. Call us and sign up for our SDET online Course today.

Software Engineer in Test

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What you gain with Techno Study

Average salary
of graduates of this
program: $112,702

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Rest Assured Libraries
Testing Types
Linkedin profile
Job hunt support
Resume and CV
Bug reports
Mock Interviews
Pay in 6-month-installments during the course and the rest after starting a job.
Save money for paying upfront.
Pay half of the tuition during the course and the rest after landing a job.
One-time payment
We offer the best deal:
Tuition fee

Join a 6-month software testing Bootcamp.
Learn online with a flexible schedule and convenient payment options for the SDET online course.

Program Structure

Introduction to Java. Java Methods
Understanding Programming
Orientation Class
Introduction to Terminal
Object Oriented Programming
Java OOP
Agile & Scrum
OCA Exam preparation
TestNG XML and related annotations
Cucumber Intro & Framework
Apache POI
SQL Joins, JDBC connection, Postman, Java / API / RestAssured Libraries
Selenium Webdriver
Git & Github (Version Control)
Interview & Resume preparation
How Our Advanced SDET Bootcamp Stands Out?
Learn SDET with Techno Study and unlock the practical industry experience, set up your portfolio beforehand, and master the art of soft skills - that’s what makes our SDET courses online a class apart.
  • Hands-on Experience
    We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
  • Career Preparation
    Our industry-expert instructors will help you create an authentic portfolio based on the projects you’ve worked on during the SDET classes online. We also conduct mock interviews at the end of the SDET automation course to set you up for your professional job interviews.
  • Internship Opportunities
    Get internship opportunities at our partner IT companies during the 6 month software development course. Our SDET full course isn’t just a Bootcamp, but a way to enhance your skills practically through a comprehensive outline and an internship opportunity.
  • Soft Skills
    Our software testing certification lays down a way to learn essential soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, adaptability & time management. Alongside technical skills in our SDET certification courses, we focus on your grooming as an individual as well.

We are here for you!