Android App Development
Techno Study's Android App Development course offers more than 700 classes where you can build a new application from scratch on Java and Kotlin in 7 months and influence the use of technology in the lives of 2.6 billion active Android users.
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About the course
Each lesson is taught by an Android developer in real-time, and in most cases, contains one or more hands-on tutorial exercises. As developers work through the exercises, they create apps to practice and perfect the skills.
Becoming a Pro
Our mission is to help you improve your career and become a high-skilled professional in the mobile application development field.
7 months
6.000 (during the course) +6.000 (after landing a job)
Basic computer skills, a second monitor, and a cell phone with an Android Operating System

Who will benefit from the Bootcamp?

Newly arrived residents
Prospective students who recently moved to the United States and want to start a career in the IT industry
Career Improvers

Computer Science students and graduates who plan to secure a vital spot in the field

Promotion seekers

Professionals who want to level up their skills and be promoted

Course Program
New skills every week. Hands on experience with best instructors and group members
Module 1-2
Module 3
Module 4
Learn from the best
Oliver Basoglu
Instructor of the Mobile App Developer course
Yusuf Esen
Mentor of the Mobile App Developer course
Our alumni work at
“2 years ago I couldn’t imagine that from delivery guy I will be working in one of the biggest banks of America."
— Behruz Jumaev (SDET course graduate 2021)
Our tuition
For Android App Developer 7 months course we offer:
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*For students attending Turkish classes, a different fee is applied.
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Why should you become an Android Developer?
There are over 2.6 billion active Android users in the world. As an Android developer, you can build a new application from scratch and influence the use of technology in people's daily lives.
Kotlin is the recommended programming language for building new Android apps. For students learning to program for the first time, Kotlin's code safety features and concise syntax allow them to focus on learning core programming fundamentals.
Android development is a valuable skill set that is in demand around the world. There are a variety of careers within the Android ecosystem and opportunities to create new businesses.
Android developers make a very competitive income and build a very satisfying career. Android is still the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled developers remains very high.
A quick LinkedIn search for Android developers has shown over 160,000 results, starting with high-profile companies such as Google, Amazon, and Meta.
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