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Who is SDET?
SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) is an IT professional who can work as part of the test team. Testers are required to write, test, and fix the written code.
How much money will I make as an SDET?
SDET average salary is around between $80.000 - $130.000 annually.
What is the tuition of the SDET course?
The total tuition is $9000. However we charge half of the tuition during the course and the rest is after you get a job offer. 

 1st part = $5.000 ( during the course )
 2nd part =$4.000 ( after you get a job in I.T )

Note: Financing option is available during the course.
What will I learn during the SDET course?
You are going to learn Full Stack Test Automation Engineering. As a programming language you will learn Java in 3 months. 

For Software Test Automation you will learn:

Selenium webdriver, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, SQL, API, RestAssured Libraries, Postman, Maven, GitHub, Jenkins. 

Testing Types
Automation Testing
Manual Testing
Agile Methodology
Scrum Framework 
Resume Preparation
Interview Preparation
Job Hunting

Do you have on-campus education at TechnoStudy?
Our programs are fully online at this moment.
What are the prerequisites to enroll in the SDET course?
You need to have work authorization in the United States if you are targeting to find a job after completing the course.
I don’t have an I.T background, can I find a job after completing the course?
Yes, our programs are designed for new beginners. You are going to learn everything from scratch.
I never learnt coding before, can I still achieve success?
Yes, you are going to learn the logic behind programming first, then you will start to code. Our instructors and mentors will be with you during the 6 months journey.
What is the SDET course schedule?
You are required to attend classes everyday except Sunday
(6 days a week. 3 hours per day).

Class Days & Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7pm - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Some days, I will not be able to join the classes. Can I watch the recordings of classes?
Yes, our classes will be recorded at the same time. So you will be able to watch them anytime. However we strongly recommend our students to join live sessions.
Does Techno Study guarantee me to get a job after the course finishes?
Techno Study does not guarantee any job to students. However our students are getting job offers in a certain time. Most of them are getting job offers in a couple months after the course completion. Some of our students get job offers even before the course finishes. This is really up to you, if you follow the instructions from Techno Study you will get a job offer. For more references you can check our Instagram and YouTube channels.
My English is not good enough, what level of English should I have to understand the classes?
You need an average level of English to understand the topics. Since you will learn more technical things you don’t need high level English. However your English matters during the interviews. 
That’s why we strongly recommend people to have at least 5/10 English level.

I applied to the Techno Study courses, but did not get anything from Techno Study yet, was my application completed?
If you contacted us through a website or social media you should have an email from us in 24 hours. Please remember to check your spam as well. If you still don’t see anything yet try to contact us via WhatsApp.
Will I get a certification after the course finishes?
You will get an internship letter and certification upon the request. For more information please contact us.
How am I going to communicate with my instructors and classmates?
You will be joining our Discord channel and will communicate through this channel with everyone.
Does my laptop meet the course requirements?
If your computer has an i5 processor and SSD card, you are good to go :). You don't need to have a very high level computer. However please make sure you have your second monitor with you during the course.
Can I register for your course from outside of the United States?
Yes, you can register for the course from anywhere in the world.
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